Shaft Design Software

The shaft design software easily calculates diameter of shaft. Followings are the snapshot screens. Click here to download software.

Screen 1

Click on window to start program.

Screen 2

In this window, Enter the length of shaft, driving pulley diameter and driven pulley diameter.

Screen 3

In this window, Enter locations of pulleys.

Screen 4

In this window, Select type of loading.

Screen 5

In this window, Enter coefficient of friction between pulley and belt, contact angle and tension (T1) or tension (T2). It automatically calculates remaining loads.

Screen 6

In this window, click Draw Torque Diagram.

Screen 7

Load Diagram is shown.

Screen 8

In this window, click Draw Bending Moment Diagram.

Screen 9

In this window, Enter allowable stresses of shaft material. It will automatically calculates minimum required shaft diameter.